Neighborhood Councils & Other Neighborhood Organizations

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Atwater Park Civic Association
P.O. Box 70572
Springfield, MA 01107
Contact: Steve Haddad
Phone: (413) 531-6090
Email: sol8488@aol.com
Website: www.atwaterpark.org

Armoury Quadrangle Civic Association
235 State Street
Springfield, MA 01103
President: Carol Costa
Phone: 413.636-9550
Website: www.aqcaspringfield.org
Email: carolonmac@aol.com
3rd Thursday of the month, 7:00PM at rotating locations

Bay Area Neighborhood Council

P.O. Box 91066
Springfield, MA 01109
President: Ernestine Johnson
Phone: 413.737.0321

Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, 5:30 start time at the Karen Sprague Center, 1000 State Street

Concerned Citizens For Springfield
38 Oxford Street
Springfield, MA 01108
President: Patricia Triggs
Phone: 413.788-6535
Secrectary: Russell Seelig
Phone: 413.739.3584
Fax: 413.739.4538
Email: ptriggs@juno.com

East Forest Park Civic Association
720 Allen Street
Springfield, MA 01118
Frank Ryan, President
Phone: 413.782-5730
Email: sbanut@aol.com
Website: www.eastforestpark.us

East Springfield Neighborhood Council
Mailing address:
c/o 136 Edendale Street
Springfield, MA 01104
President: Kathy Brown
Phone: 413.886.5379
Email: kbrown5656@verizon.net 
Website: www.esnc.us
Meetings held at 1437 Carew Street                     1st Tuesday of the month; Community police on 3rd Tuesday of the month

Forest Park Civic Association
77 Firglade Avenue
Springfield, MA 01108
President: Laura Walsh
Phone: 413-301-5674
Email: forestparkcivic.spfld@gmail.com 
Website: www.forestparkca.com


Forest Park Business Association
President:  Daniel Morrissey
Phone:  413-218-1525
Email:  info@exploreforestpark.org

Hungry Hill Neighborhood Council
P.O. Box 352
Springfield, MA 01101
Meetings held at: Raymond M. Sullivan Fire Safety Complex-1212 Carew Street, 01104
President: Catherine Mossi
Phone: 413.733.9411  
Fax: 413.733.1001
Email: hungryhillseniorcenter@gmail.com               3rd Thursday of the month

Indian Orchard Citizens Council
117 Main Street
Indian Orchard, MA 01151
President: Sandy Babbie
Phone: 413.543.3172
Fax: 413.543.1925
Email: IOCC.President@yahoo.com
2nd Wednesday of the month

Indian Orchard Main Street Partnership
145 Main Street
Indian Orchard, MA 01151
Contact:  Heidi Coutu
Phone: 413.543.6999
Fax: 413.543.6992
Email: info@iomsp.org

LaBroad Civic Association
101 Blaine Street
Springfield, MA 01108
Contact:  Lyn Nolan
Phone: 413-348-6356
Email: Lynsalem@aol.com

Lower Liberty Heights
Community Action Team
233 Franklin Street
Springfield, MA 01104
President: Teofilo Alvarado
Coordinator: Gomercindo Gomez
Phone: 413.731.7763 Fax: same
Email: yasmincortez@aol.com
2nd Tuesday of the month

Maple-High/Six Corners
Neighborhood Council
74 Walnut Street
Suite # B 109 (Mason Wright)
Springfield, MA 01109
President: Melvin Edwards
Phone: 413.736.4493
Fax. 413.627.5080
2nd Tuesday of the month 6pm


Mason Square Community Coalition
Mail: Mason Square Weed & Seed
c/o The Council of Churches
of Greater Springfield
39 Oakland St., Springfield, MA 01108
Office: Mason Wright Retirement Community
74 Walnut St. 2nd floor, Springfield, MA
Phone: 413.733.3320

Mattoon Street Historic Preservation Association
PO Box 3274
Springfield, MA 01101-3274
President: John Rice

McKnight Neighborhood Council
P.O. Box 90336
Springfield, MA 01139
President: Walter J. Kroll
Phone: 413.746.6206
Meets: Second Tuesday of the
month, 6-8 PM @ Rebecca M. Johnson School

New North Citizens Council

2383 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01107
President: Jimmy Rivera
Phone:413.747.0090/413.746.4885 Fax: 413.737.2321
Email: Mdenny@newnorthcc.org
Website: www.newnorthcc.org
2nd Tuesday of the month

Old Hill Neighborhood Council
99 Eastern Avenue
Springfield, MA 01109
President: Emmanuel Adero
Phone: 413.736.4575 
Fax: 413.736.4547
Council Email:  oldhillcouncil@yahoo.com
Website:  http://ohnc.webplus.net

1st Wednesday of the month @ 6pm

Outer Belt Civic Association
P.O. Box 598
Springfield, MA 01101
1336 Allen Street
Springfield, MA 01118
President: Walter Gould
Phone: 413.783.2018
Email: jogould@verizon.net

Pine Point Community Council
335 Berkshire Avenue
Springfield, MA 01109
President: Kim Dinoia
Staff: Gloria Defillipo
Phone: 413.732.1072
Fax: 413.732.1073
2nd Tuesday of the month

16 Acres Civic Association
91 Old Acre Road
Springfield, MA 01129
President: Clodovaldo Concepcion
Phone: 413.783.4807
Email: clodo@the-spa.com
website:  www.16acres.org

South End Citizens Council
549 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01105
President: Leo Florian
Staff: Angie Florian
Phone: 413.732.5105            
Fax: 413.732.6820
Email: angelinasecc@aol.com
2nd Wednesday of the month

Upper Hill Residents Council
215 Norfolk Street         
Springfield, MA  01109
President: Adrienne Osborn
Phone: 413.731.6590
Email: Upperhll@yahoo.com
Meetings are as needed

Civic Association
433 Belmont Avenue
Springfield, MA 01108
Executive Director: Maly Son  
Phone: 413.733.9373 Fax: 413.737.3419
Email: springfieldvaca1@aol.com

The "X" Main Street Corporation
P.O. Box 80553
Springfield, MA 01138
Contact: Brian F. Hale  

YMCA of Greater Springfield
North End Outreach Center

1772 Dwight Street
Springfield, MA 01107
Contact: Uriah Rodriguez
Phone: 413.739.5820 Ext. 102
Email: urodriguez@springfieldy.orgDFarrell@springfieldy.org Website: www.springfieldy.org


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