Old Hill Neighborhood Master Plan

The Old Hill Neighborhood Master Plan project began in April, 2003 and has progressed through a series of community workshops with residents and area stakeholders. The community workshops focused on identifying existing conditions in the neighborhood and refining planning approaches taddress areas of concern. Tfacilitate the development of the plan, the Cecil Group, Inc., a planning and architecture consulting firm, was hired. The Cecil Group, along with the project partners, have completed a draft of the plan based upon public comments at the community workshops and the desires of Old Hill neighborhood residents. The final plan will be a guide for the renewal of Old Hill by setting concrete redevelopment goals for the neighborhood relative thousing, infrastructure investments and building partnerships.

Please find below a copy of the Old Hill Neighborhood Master Plan.

Old Hill Master Plan


(These documents are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat topen them. If you d not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download a free copy at www.adobe.com)

The Old Hill Master Plan has been made possible through funding from both the state and local levels. A large source of funding for this project was provided by the Executive Order 418 program, which is administered by the Inter Agency Working Group (IAWG) composed of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), the Department of Economic Development, and the Executive Office of Transportation and Construction (EOTC). The E418 program provides up t$30,000 dollars in state money for the creation of a community development plan focusing on open spaces and natural resources, transportation, economic development and housing.

In addition to the 418 funding, the City of Springfield, Springfield College and others have each leveraged funding for the project. This funding has been both through in-kind service and through monetary support.


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