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The SPRINGFIELD REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (Authority) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from TRADE CONTRACTORS interested in performing work for BID NUMBER 15-2014007, UNION STATION REGIONAL INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION CENTER PARKING GARAGE CONSTRUCTION (Project) at Frank B. Murray Street, Springfield, MA.  The Authority is seeking SOQs from qualified and experienced DCAMM Certified Trade Contractors who have a demonstrated experience in the construction and implementation of similar work in terms of scale and complexity.

The Project includes construction of a new four story, precast concrete 258 car (approximately), parking structure with alternates to construct two additional levels of approximately 61 cars per level.

In accordance with Massachusetts Construction Manager at Risk requirements, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 149a Section 8 and Chapter 149 Section 44F, SOQs are being requested from Trade Contractors capable of performing the following classes of work: (a) Masonry, (b) Miscellaneous & Ornamental Iron, (c) Waterproofing, Damproofing & Caulking, (d) Roofing and Flashing, (e) Elevators, (f) Fire Protection, (g) Plumbing, (h) HVAC, (i) Electrical.

The estimated total cost of the construction is $11,802,500 (including alternates) and the estimated construction duration is eighteen months.  The estimated construction cost of the work to be performed by Trade Contractors is as follows:
(a) Masonry - $62,200
(b) Miscellaneous & Ornamental Iron - $320,700
(c) Waterproofing, Damproofing & Caulking - $175,600
(d) Roofing and Flashing - $81,200
(e) Elevators - $280,000
(f) Fire Protection - $56,500
(g) Plumbing - $171,800
(h) HVAC - $31,000
(i) Electrical - $562,700

The Authority is implementing the project in accordance with MGL Chapter 149A, Sections 1 thru 13.  This selection of trade contractors conforms to MGL Chapter 149A, Section 8, subsections (b) to (k) inclusive, which shall be incorporated herein by reference.  This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be utilized to prequalify trade contractors capable and experienced in projects of similar size, scope and complexity.  The Authority shall utilize a two-step process including the prequalification of trade contractors based on an evaluation of the SOQs received in response to this solicitation, followed by an Invitation to Bidders that will only be issued to the trade contractors deemed prequalified by the Prequalification Committee. The ultimate awarding of a bid is subject to appropriation of funds and approval of the Governing Board of the SRA. A Prequalification Committee consisting of four representatives, one each from the Designer (HDR, Inc.) and the CM at Risk (Daniel O?Connell?s Sons) and two Owner Representatives (including the OPM, Skanska USA Building Inc.) has been established.  This Prequalification Committee will be conducting a qualifications based evaluation of submittals received from interested trade contractors in order to identify prequalified trade contractors who will be invited to respond to a written Invitation to Bidders.

Qualification Statements shall be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria: (1) Management Experience, (2) Project References including a Public Project Record and (3) Capacity to Complete including a demonstration that the contractor has the financial stability and long-term viability to successfully implement the Project.

The SOQ must conform to the requirements set forth in the (RFQ).  The complete RFQ, including directions, will be available for download as of Friday, September 5, 2014 at or can be obtained in person at 70 Tapley Street, Springfield, MA. during normal business hours. SOQs must be submitted at or before 2:00 PM (EDT) on Friday, September 26, 2014 at the following location:

Springfield Redevelopment Authority
Attention: Thomas Moore, Esq.
70 Tapley Street
Springfield, MA 01104

Please direct any questions by e-mail only to before Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 5:00 PM(EDT).  Prospective respondents shall not communicate with any person or entity participating on the Prequalification Committee at any time during the RFQ process except through written questions submitted in accordance with the process outlined in the RFQ.  The responders? names will be posted, but there will be no public opening of the responses.  The Authority reserves the right to waive any informality in, or to reject any or all responses, if in the public interest to do so.

The SRA is an EEO/MBE/WBE/DBE employer, and is committed to the utilization of disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) as vendors, suppliers, and contractors in all aspects of procurement and contracting to the maximum extent feasible.  In furtherance of this commitment and in compliance with federal and state funding requirements, the SRA has set a 2.35% DBE goal for this Project. Any firm that represents itself as a DBE will be required to provide valid certification from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Supplier Diversity Office.



Project Update

Original Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Mar. 24, 2014 - The original Terrazzo floor in the terminal is cleaned and will be protected to prevent any damage during the construction activities. The goal will be to restore and reuse the original floor where possible.

Featured Historic Article

Springfield Union Station: The Massachusetts Crossroad for B&M, NYC, NYNH&H, and today, Amtrak

Reprinted from Passenger Train Journal, April 1988

About Union Station

This $81 million project integrates multiple transit modes (local and intercity bus; Amtrak intercity and planned New Haven‐Hartford‐Springfield commuter rail; and taxi, bicycle and pedestrian travel in one state of‐the‐art transportation complex.

A  $51 million phase I component offers a program of independent utility to position the project to take advantage of early funding availability.

Phase I will include:

  • Restoration of Terminal Building and its central concourse.
  • Removal of the Baggage Building and construction of a 24-bay bus terminal and a 146-space parking garage, with 4 additional bus bays on adjacent site.
  • Reopening and restoring of the passenger tunnel linking the terminal building to rail boarding platforms and pedestrian access to the downtown.
  • New stair and elevator access from re-opened passenger tunnel leading to passenger rail boarding platforms.

Phase II will include:

  • Transit-related administrative functions.
  • Additional parking spaces.
  • Development of transit-related commercial space.

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Union Station History

Union Station was building in 1926 as part of a series of civic buildings and spaces which help define central Springfield. The complex stands as a successor to three earlier stations on or near this spot on the north edge of downtown. From 1926 until after World War II, rail travel thrived and Union Station was the heart of a bustling district that included the North Blocks of downtown and the adjacent North End.

Union Station closed in the 1970's, a witness to the post-war ascendancy of the suburbs and the decline in intercity rail. In the decades since, the Main Street core south of the station has seen concerted public and private reinvestment, through new construction and extensive reuse of historic structures, as city leadership embraced a movement to reclaim the distinguished character of Springfield and preserve its heritage.

Union Station: A Look Back

Archive Articles Reprinted Courtesy of the Springfield Republican

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Featured Look Back

July 4, 1909: Record Day For Travel

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I was lucky as a child to have ridden numerous trains out of Springfield. It has impacted me to this day as a railfan. Numerous shopping trips were made with my mother and aunt to Hartford on the New Haven and also to NYC. The Boston and Albany carried us... read more

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