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Original Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Mar. 24, 2014 - The original Terrazzo floor in the terminal is cleaned and will be protected to prevent any damage during the construction activities. The goal will be to restore and reuse the original floor where possible.

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Springfield Union Station: The Massachusetts Crossroad for B&M, NYC, NYNH&H, and today, Amtrak

Reprinted from Passenger Train Journal, April 1988

About Union Station

This $81 million project integrates multiple transit modes (local and intercity bus; Amtrak intercity and planned New Haven‐Hartford‐Springfield commuter rail; and taxi, bicycle and pedestrian travel in one state of‐the‐art transportation complex.

A  $51 million phase I component offers a program of independent utility to position the project to take advantage of early funding availability.

Phase I will include:

  • Restoration of Terminal Building and its central concourse.
  • Removal of the Baggage Building and construction of a 24-bay bus terminal and a 146-space parking garage, with 4 additional bus bays on adjacent site.
  • Reopening and restoring of the passenger tunnel linking the terminal building to rail boarding platforms and pedestrian access to the downtown.
  • New stair and elevator access from re-opened passenger tunnel leading to passenger rail boarding platforms.

Phase II will include:

  • Transit-related administrative functions.
  • Additional parking spaces.
  • Development of transit-related commercial space.

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Union Station History

Union Station was building in 1926 as part of a series of civic buildings and spaces which help define central Springfield. The complex stands as a successor to three earlier stations on or near this spot on the north edge of downtown. From 1926 until after World War II, rail travel thrived and Union Station was the heart of a bustling district that included the North Blocks of downtown and the adjacent North End.

Union Station closed in the 1970's, a witness to the post-war ascendancy of the suburbs and the decline in intercity rail. In the decades since, the Main Street core south of the station has seen concerted public and private reinvestment, through new construction and extensive reuse of historic structures, as city leadership embraced a movement to reclaim the distinguished character of Springfield and preserve its heritage.

Union Station: A Look Back

Archive Articles Reprinted Courtesy of the Springfield Republican

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July 4, 1909: Record Day For Travel

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I was lucky as a child to have ridden numerous trains out of Springfield. It has impacted me to this day as a railfan. Numerous shopping trips were made with my mother and aunt to Hartford on the New Haven and also to NYC. The Boston and Albany carried us... read more

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