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Mayor Sarno – “Another Alarming Example of Need to Pass My Bail Legislation and Governor Baker’s Dangerousness Legislation ASAP!”

On Tuesday, June 4th, the Springfield Police Department’s Strategic Impact Unit arrested Ishmael Delgado for possession of a firearm without an FID, firearm violation with one prior violent/drug crime and possession of ammunition without an ID.  

Prior to this he has been arrested seven times on drug distribution charges.  He is one of the major suppliers of crack-cocaine in the High Street area.  

On June 4th, officers searched 120 Francis Street.  Delgado gave officers the combination to his safe, where there was $21,000 including "drug buy money from the SPD".  That money was from a buy on School Street and bought directly from Delgado.  

There was also a gun, that gun was registered to his girlfriend who has a LTC.  Her LTC has since been revoked since he had access to it and he was charged with the firearms violations since he had the combination to the safe, thus access to it.  

He was released on $1,000 bail.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “This is total B.S.! Maybe the judge in question would welcome this dangerous drug dealer with open arms in his/her neighborhood! We're responding to our residents and business community's call for help. We make the case to get this repeat violent offender peddling poison off our streets and out of our neighborhoods and the judge slaps all of us in the face!  What is it going to take for our legislature to act on my Bail Legislation and Governor Baker’s Dangerousness Legislation ASAP!”

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