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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Acting Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood Hold Promotional Pinning Ceremony for Newest Deputy Chief, Captain and Lieutenants

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Acting Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood hosted a promotional pinning ceremony for the Department’s newest Deputy Chief, Captain and two newest Lieutenants. 

Effective Sunday (June 23rd), Acting Commissioner Clapprood promoted Steven Kent to Deputy Chief.  Acting Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood said, “Deputy Chief Kent has been one of the hardest working police officers in the Springfield Police Department for more than two decades.  His actions and investigations have led to numerous firearms and countless drugs being taken off the street, making this city safer.  Deputy Chief Kent had the highest score in our Assessment Center and impressed the Command Staff during his interview.  He will continue to be an asset as Deputy Chief.”

Acting Commissioner Clapprood also promoted Scott Richard to the rank of Captain, Aaron Butler & Julio Toledo to the rank of Lieutenant. 

Mayor Sarno said, “I am proud of each and every one of these commanding officers and thank them and their families for their continued brave and dedicated efforts to keep our City safe.”

“Captain Richard has battled through adversity due to career threatening injuries, but he has persevered and achieved a long-time goal.  Lt. Toledo has been and will continue to be an invaluable source to deterring crimes in the North End as a C3 Supervisor.  Lt. Butler continues to thrive in any role he is assigned and will bring his leadership abilities to our revamped Internal Investigations Unit,” said Acting Commissioner Clapprood. 

With the promotion of Deputy Kent, Acting Commissioner Clapprood announced that Senior Captain Trent Duda will remain on the Command Staff. 

Family and friends will be in attendance as these long-time Officers reach a prestigious career accolade.  The Deputy Chief, Captain and Lieutenants will be pinned by a family member or a member of law enforcement of their own choosing.  

Deputy Chief Steven Kent

Deputy Chief Kent has 30 years of experience as a police officer in Massachusetts, with the last 27 years as a member of the Springfield Police Department.  Deputy Chief Kent was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2008, Lieutenant in 2014 and Captain in 2017.  Deputy Chief Kent has a long list of achievements for his performance in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Springfield.   In 1998, then Officer Kent received a Letter of Commendation for his performance during an 11 hour standoff with an armed and barricaded suspect on Undine Circle in May 1997.   During the incident the suspect repeatedly fired upon officers.   The suspect was taken into custody as Officer Kent and his fellow Officers exposed themselves to grave danger.  Also in 1998, then Officer Kent received a Letter of Commendation for his work in pursuing an apprehending an armed robbery suspect, while recovering a firearm.  In 2008, then Officer Kent received another Commendation for his role in a March 2005 incident.  A gunfight erupted during an anti-drug surveillance; Narcotics Officers interrupted this and after a pursuit placed several suspects under arrest.   A sawed off shotgun, heroin and cocaine were recovered.  Another Commendation was awarded to then Sgt. Kent for arresting an armed suspect in an April 2009 incident where the suspect shot into a crowd behind a local tavern.  The suspect was taken into custody after a foot pursuit and a loaded firearm was recovered.  In 2010, then Sgt. Kent received a 5th Letter of Commendation for his work in apprehending a murder suspect in April 2009.  Sgt. Kent was working on a separate investigation in which two loaded firearms were recovered when officers heard gunshots nearby.  Officers responded immediately and arrested the suspect as he fled the scene of a homicide.  The murder weapon was recovered on scene.  Deputy Chief Kent has worked in the Gang Suppression Unit, Narcotics Unit, Street Crimes Unit and DEA Task Force.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from UMass-Lowell and a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement from then Western New England College.

Captain Scott Richard

Captain Scott Richard became a Springfield Police Officer in 1997.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2012 and to the rank of Lieutenant in 2015.  Captain Richard served in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard from 1988 to 2001.  He is currently the watch commander on the 12am-8am shift.  He has served in the K9 Unit, Community Policing Unit and as a Lieutenant in Street Crimes and the Strategic Impact Unit.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Westfield State and a Master’s Degree from then Western New England College.    Captain Richard has three children, Connor, Cassidy and Liam with his wife of 20 years Maureen. 

Lieutenant Julio Toledo

Lieutenant Julio Toledo has been a Springfield Police Officer since 1997.  He is a Central High School graduate and was born, raised and resides in the city.  Lt. Toledo is currently the supervisor of the North End C3 Unit and will remain in that position.   He was promoted to Sergeant in 2009 and has worked as an undercover Narcotics Detective and in the Forest Park Badge Unit.  Lt. Toledo has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from UMass. 

Lieutenant Aaron Butler

Lieutenant Aaron Butler became a Springfield Police Officer in 1995 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2016.   Lt. Butler is a Springfield resident and previously worked as a patrolman and in the Special Victims Unit.  Lt. Butler is currently in charge of the Ordinance and K9 Units under the direction of Captain David Martin.   Acting Commissioner Clapprood has assigned Lt. Butler to the Internal Investigations Unit under the direction of Captain Lawrence Murphy.  Lt. Butler has a degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State University. 


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