Permits Issued by DPW


Department of Public Works


Engineering and Traffic Division


70 Tapley Street



Staff Liaison:

Chris Cignoli, Director


(413) 750-2808






Matt Sokop, P.E., City Engineer


(413) 784-4884





Office Hours:

8:00 am- 3:00 pm, Monday- Friday

Engineering (413) 787-6210 / Fax 413-787-6029




Board of Public Works



Meeting Schedule:

Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00pm at the project site under discussion.


Description of Board/Commission:

The Board of Public Works is composed of three members appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term. The board holds public hearings on projects such as street acceptance, discontinuance, sewer installation or relocation, utilities placed in the public ways. The Board handles all matters pertaining to the conversion of Private Way into Public Way. The Board levies betterment assessments on abutting properties affected by  improvements. The Board makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for approval.



Permits Issued:

Driveway/Curb Cuts

Street Closing

Sewer Entrance Fee Street Occupancy

Sidewalk Vendors  

Sidewalk Sales

Road Excavation 

Sign Posting

Projections In/Over Street 



Process for Obtaining Permit(s):

Applications may be obtained at DPW Engineering Division office during regular business hours or online at DPW website

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Advertising Requirements:

Not applicable



Time Frame for Public Hearing:

Not applicable



Time frame for Decision:

Not applicable



Appeal Process:

Not applicable



Fee Schedule:

See table below. 



Applicable Local, State, Federal Statutes

M.G.L. Chapters 82A, 84,146, 164, 165,166A, DTE 98-22; and

1926 CFR 1926, Subpart P


DPW Fee Schedule

Permit/ Service


              Contractor License Application Fee


              Street Opening/Trenching Application Fee

$  75.00


$  25.00/day

              Life Cycle Pavement Fees

                      Pavement less than one (1) year old

                      Pavement less than five (5) years old

                      Pavement five (5) to ten (10) years old

                      Pavement over ten (10) years old



$120.00/ sq. ft.

$  65.00/ sq. ft.

$  23.00/ sq. ft.

$  15.00/ sq. ft.

              Blanket Manhole (public utility)


              Inspection Fees:

                      General roadway excavation

                      General street excavation prior to city resurfacing program


$ 45.00/day



For permit application procedures and fees see:

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