The St. James Avenue with Carew Street Roadway Corridor project consists of reconstruction and improvements to segments of St. James Avenue, St. James Boulevard, and Carew Street in East Springfield.  The primary purpose of the project is to improve safety.  The intersections of St. James Avenue at Carew Street and at St. James Boulevard are high crash locations that have been HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program) eligible since 2011. Bicycle and pedestrian users are accommodated by shared-use paths which have been provided on both sides of the roadway in accordance with applicable design guides.  Traffic signal equipment will be upgraded to improve safety at both intersections.

Below are links to the current design plans, and to a Notice of Public Hearing. The Public Hearing will be an internet presentation which will become available on March 3, 2021 on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website.

25% design Plans

Peliminary ROW Plans

Color Rendering

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact City Engineer, Andrew Krar either by email at or telephone (413) 784-4884.

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