Municipal Trash Service

Municipal Trash Service Update

Please be advised that the City trash fee remains in effect until further notice. To continue your municipal trash pickup service, please pay all charges as billed.

The City of Springfield is always considering new ideas for a waste reduction action plan. No matter what solid waste collection and disposal system the City decides to implement, it is imperative that we follow the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Conserving scarce natural resources through recycling not only promotes a healthy environment, but reduction in the consumption and demand for energy resources keeps energy prices more affordable. As we continue to research plans that would be fair for all residents, financially beneficial to the city and environmentally conscious, the $90 per barrel trash fee will remain in effect. Residents must pay the charge to continue receiving trash removal services.

For more information about Mayor Sarno's position on the trash fee, please click here.

To learn more about recycling, visit these web sites:
Springfield Materials Recycling Facility
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Trash Fee Forms

Trash Fee Lien Dispute Form

Trash Fee - All In One Form

  • Aapply for a new trash fee discount
  • Dispute a bill 
  • Return additional bins you no longer need
  • Replace missing / stolen / destroyed bin(s)
  • End the city's trash service
  • Start the city's trash service
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