Are there discounts from the fee?

Yes. The City will grant a forty dollar ($40) discount from the annual fee for owner-occupied dwelling units who are:

  • Elderly. You must apply to receive a senior discount, and must be 65 years of age or older.  Provide a copy of a drivers license or birth certificate along with a copy of utility bill showing you are permanent resident of Springfield.
  • Veterans with a war-service connected disability.  Veterans will be required to provide a copy of the award letter issued by the federal Veterans Administration
  • Blind.  Blind individuals will be required to provide a copy of the current visual impairment certification, issued by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.
  • Indigent. Indigent persons will be required to provide written proof, annually, of current gross annual income for their household, at or below 100% of federal poverty level.  A copy of current federal tax return, letter of non-filing [IRS 1722]; transcript of income [IRS 4506T]; or any other acceptable statement of income; is considered a sufficient proof by the City.  A cross-reference match with the Assessor's current abatement list is also an acceptable proof of indigent status. 

These discounts will be granted in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Chief Administrative & Financial Officer.   

Discounts will only apply to the owner-occupied primary residence, and do not apply to other trash services, such as bulky item stickers or extra trash bags.  For example, if a property owner eligible for a discount owns a multi-family residential building, only the unit occupied by that owner as a primary residence will qualify for the discount, and all other units would be charged the trash fee at the full, non-discounted rate.   

Property owners can apply for and receive only one type of discount, even if he or she might qualify for more than one discount listed.  

Discounts will only be available to the property owner of record, or current owner whose name appears on the deed. 

The City will provide an application for such discount (available in print and for download), which must be completed by the owner and returned to the City within forty-five (45) days of the trash bill date, and then reviewed and approved by the City.  Property owners aggrieved by the denial of a discount may appeal such determination under a process to be described in rules and regulations established by the Chief Administrative & Financial Officer. 

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