Will I be billed for containers assigned to my property, even if they are missing?

Each participating dwelling unit with City trash service must have an assigned city-provided container.  Each container will be charged for the annual trash fee.

The City maintains an inventory of containers issued to property owners in Springfield.  These bins are tracked by the serial numbers on the containers and also by service location.  If the container assigned to your property has been stolen, it is your responsibility to report such theft to the City and the Police Department.  The City will need a copy of the Police report to correct its container inventory records and adjust your account accordingly. 

If you do not file a Trash Fee Change/Dispute Form accompanied with a copy of the Police report, the City will assume that you are still in possession of the container and bill you accordingly.  If the City discovers that the container reported stolen, is still being used by the owner, the City will bill such owner accordingly. 

Page last updated:  Wednesday, July 31, 2013 09:36 am